I wanted to share this user review of Habits Pro for iPhone and iPad with you. This app is simply to use and at the same time as powerful as you want to make it. Instead of trying to explain it myself I let our users speak:

“I’ve tried a number of habit tracking apps and I like this one the best. One of the biggest things I like about this app is how easy it is to see what you want to track. Most of the other apps had really tiny font with no icons, just boring and overall difficult to use. This one is very fast because the icons are bold and the text is easy to read. A few simple clicks and you’re done recording. This is a very versatile app. You can choose a number of formats for tracking: yes/no; counter (number of times you did something); number; levels; etc. You can also enter in multiple entries throughout the day and choose to add up the entries, which is very beneficial for some habits. For example, if you want to track how many calories you take in, you can create a food entry using the “number” choice and choose to “add up the entries” for the day, week, or month. You simply click the icon on the tracking screen and it automatically creates an entry based on date/time (which you can adjust). There is a space for a notation (maybe what you ate), then you enter the calories as the number and enter it. You can do this throughout the day and the app will automatically count up the numbers. If you have a goal, you can set that too to see if you’ve reached your goal or have gone over it. This app is very flexible. You can change the icons for any data set (don’t like the thumbs-up? find others you like), add notes to entries, and organize your habits as you wish into multiple categories. In the “View” option, you can change an entry if you made a mistake by simply clicking on that entry. In “Tracking” you will see three different types of graphs and you can quickly switch between them by touching the “Style” button and cycling through until you find the one you want. There is also a “Mean” option. The program remembers the last graph style you chose, so you can set it and forget. Each entry can have a different graph style (as long as the data supports graphing). The only qualms I have with this app is the way to adjust categories and entries. If you hit the “Categories” option on the bottom left, you are taken to a screen wherein you can easily adjust the categories. That is fine, but where are the items? This option is a bit hidden. You have to choose the “Setting” option to find “Edit Items”. Once in there, it is easy to adjust tracking color, text, etc. and even which category to place an item. It’s just getting there took me a while to find, I kept expecting it to be somewhere obvious. I don’t dislike the fact that it is hidden a bit, I don’t want to constantly be accidentally hitting an edit button when all I want to do is enter a habit, but I think I would prefer to have an Item button along the bottom instead of a “Share” button. I don’t understand the purpose of sharing these things, they tend to be personal, but I’m sure there are people who are proud of everything they do. The other thing I don’t really like is what it takes to switch between categories. This is a personal preference, but when I’m looking at the title of the category, I would prefer to just hit that and have a drop-down list of my categories to choose or even to cycle through them on the “view” screen. With more than ten categories, maybe that gets cumbersome, but it annoys me to have to go to the bottom of the screen, hit “categories”, and choose what I want. Overall, it’s a great app that can be customized to anything you want, icons and all. I haven’t thought of anything yet that this app can’t easily track to my specifications.”