Mindful Eating Tracker Overview

Mindful Eating Tracker (MET) by Track & Share was developed by an experienced mindfulness meditator. Please refer to our general user guide to find out about basic features of the app. The MET version has been configured to help with creating awareness about our eating habits and what goes on in our mind and body before, while and after we eat. Discover how your hunger and urges are related to other domains of your life. Tackle eating behavior by living a mindful live in each moment, in every situation. Eventually you will be able to forget completely about goals, diets and self-discipline and live in tune with what your body and mind truly need. The app features five categories:

  • Basic Steps
  • Hunger Scan
  • Number & Goals


Foundational Concepts

Enjoy, satisfy, express yourself
Become aware of how much you desire and enjoy each food. Capture your level of satisfaction. Express gratitude.

There are many types of hunger
Cultivate awareness of eye, nose, mouth, mind, heart, social, stomach hunger, thirst, listen to the needs of your body. Consume the right food for each hunger. Hint: friends, not potato chips feed social hunger.

Arising food-related urges, images and thoughts are real, and fading
Acknowledge each arising food thought. Make a note in the app if you wish. Decide to act on it or to let it fade away.

Will I lose weight with this app?
You may, or not. The intention is to cultivate awareness and right action. If you need to track weight, look in the app’s number category.

Does it work?
Graph your journey. You might find that taking care of your different hungers, making time for eating comes with more joy, satisfaction, gratefulness, and healthier weight. Did it work?

The visual calendar
Lets you explore trends and patterns one item at a time. To compare items use the multi-graph.

Want to add your own items?
Add as many items as you wish.r Track & Share platform, this app helps you cultivate mindfulness. Developed by a mindful eater who uses it every day to bring more awareness and joy to eating. This is not a diet plan and not a calorie counter, but it might work better for your health and happiness. Try it out, it might be just right for you.


Review from App Store Australia, 5 Stars
Awesome app – by Nada gaza
“This App is amazing to manage cravings or any binge eat disorder.. It helps me be aware of what and why I eat and which will help me a lot in achieving my goals.. I really recommend it to everyone”