Our IBS Tracker App Bowel Mover Pro was the first Apple health tracker for IBS. The Doctor Weighs called it “the future of healthcare”. Dr. Oz, James Altucher, and The Esquire Magazine covered it. IBS Tracker Bowel Mover was awarded “Best Crohn’s Disease App of the Year” by Healthline. MDMag included it in the Top 5 iPhone and iPad app for Patients with Irritable Bowel Syndrome. IBS Tracker by Track & Share is the most recommended IBS tracker app for iPhone and iPad.

User guide

Several items are already set up for your IBS tracker app:

  • Bowel Movements
  • Bristol Stool Scale
  • BM Texture
  • Water Intake
  • Stress
  • Gluten Free Day
  • BM Note

Rearrange and customize these items.

The Pro version lets you add your own items and is ad-free.

General user guide for all of our apps is here:


Outstanding critical acclaim for Bowel Mover Pro, doctors at leading US hospitals recommend this app for self-tracking of digestion issues.

Here are seven references for BM Pro:

Physicians Practice Journal (website)

… Any physician who has ever had to discuss bowel habits with an IBS patient knows how frustrating it can be to get vague feedback on patient symptoms. “All of my apps are designed to help people to spot trends, patterns, and how things might be related to each other,” said Heiss. “For example, ‘Does stress appear to aggravate my IBS symptoms?’ ‘Since I started Yoga, did my daily average stress level go down?’ ‘Was I able to avoid peak stress …?'” …

Dr. Oz: (summary from recap.com)

“Dr Oz loved the idea of an app to track your poop. BM Pro lets you track your bowel movements, sort of like a reverse calorie counter. You can put in all the data and comments about consistency, water intake, and dietary factors that you can track over days and weeks. One viewer tested the app and she used it to discover that Gluten caused her to become constipated.”

The Doctor Weighs In: (website)

… for folks with certain types gastrointestinal disorders (e.g., irritable bowel syndrome), it can be helpful in trying to make correlations between bad symptom days and other stuff going on in your life – diet, stress, coffee intake, and so forth.

It is this sort of correlation that I think will be one of the QS movement’s greatest contributions.  Imagine having data from hundreds of thousands of self-trackers and mining it for relationships between symptoms and all sorts of other things going on in your world.  This type of information, often pooh-poohed (pun intended) by traditional medicine in the past, could lead to a deeper understanding of disorders only incompletely understood at the present time.

Everyday Health Blog

Using Bowel Mover Lite, you can keep a closer record of what keeps your bowels moving. You’ll track the details of your bowel movements as well as factors like fluid intake, stress, and diet that could be affecting the consistency and quality of your BMs. Swaminath says that patients who use mobile apps or do research online often have specific questions that maximize their medical visit time, which is valuable to both doctor and patient.


Healthcare Professionals Network (website)
Top 5 iPhone and iPad Apps for Patients with Irritable Bowel Syndrome

It is important for patients with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) to understand more about their condition and track their diet and bowel habits to help manage their symptoms. These apps for the iPhone and iPad provide useful information for patients that can help them learn more about the symptoms and management of IBS, track their medications and daily habits, and share this information with their health care providers.

Esquire Magazine: comical (website)

 … An ancient principle, born of the belief that some parts of an individual’s existence should remain unknown to other humans, Mystery died Thursday.

The cause was Phillip Eberling’s use of the social-sharing feature of his iPhone app “Bowel Mover Pro” to inform friends of his latest defecation. He rated his bowel movement as “lumpy.”

Mystery grew up in the Neolithic Period soon after the founding of civilization, when humans developed the sense of privacy. …

Popsugar (Australia) 5 Gluten Free Apps That Do More Than You Know (website)

Bowel movements aren’t a hot topic of discussion, which is why you can keep the chatter to a minimum and track your own tummy health and habits with this app.

Superb App
By Charles Frazer from United States about Bowel Mover Pro – A Digestion Journal and Gluten Free Tracker (version 6.4.4, Apple App Store) on Nov 22, 2014

I have a condition, UC, which is similar to Chron’s Disease, and makes it very important for me to keep track of how my digestive system is working. This app has made it extremely easy for me to keep track of my symptoms and what is happening with my system. Although you can make notes, it gives you an easy to read visual display of what is happening with your gastrointestinal system. There so many things you can track with this to keep on top of your well being. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to keep track of what is going on with their body and especially anyone who is dealing with an IBS condition.

Just what my doctor wants!
By AJ Barineau from United States about Bowel Mover Pro – A Digestion Journal and Gluten Free Tracker (version 6.4.4, Apple App Store) on Nov 21, 2014

My physician has asked that I track my bowel movements using the Bristol Scale to help with managing treatment for colitis. The earlier version of Bowel Mover worked okay with me adding in a note the scale number. With this update this app does EXACTLY what my physician asks for. Thanks! I recommend this for anyone with gastrointestinal issues.

Even better than before
By Bitofinger from United States about Bowel Mover Pro – A Digestion Journal and Gluten Free Tracker (version 6.4.4, Apple App Store) on Nov 15, 2014

This app had been good before the Nov 2014 update. I had written a review of the previous version, after having contacted the developer with some suggestions. They were obviously already on top of things, because they made the new version even better than I had anticipated.They were very responsive and communicative. Now the app can be customized for tracking almost any activity, which is a terrific feature. Hats off to the developers… they did a FANTASTIC job with something simple yet elegant. Well done folks!

Well done!
By Bitofinger from United States about Bowel Mover Pro – A Digestion Journal and Gluten Free Tracker (version 5.0.0, Apple App Store) on Jul 26, 2014

Very good little app; easy to use. It’s very helpful in remembering and understanding when there may be a problem. There were a couple of very minor suggestions I had for the authors, and they were very fast in responding as well as noting they were already considering some new features. Nice job!

Helping me deal with Crohn’s
By Mg2449 from United States about Bowel Mover Pro – A Digestion Journal and Gluten Free Tracker (version 5.0.0, Apple App Store) on May 27, 2014

I wondered if there was an app like this when I was diagnosed with Crohn’s ~10 months ago and ended up writing out a very tedious journal to keep track of my symptoms. This app makes my life much easier in that regard. It’s not perfect, but it does 90% of what I need it to do, so thanks!

By dermatologist from United States about IBS Tracker App Bowel Mover Pro – A Digestion Journal and Gluten Free Tracker (version 5.0.0, Apple App Store) on Mar 05, 2014

As a dermatologist, I recognize the importance of proper nutrition, digestion, and elimination in skin health. This app is a wonderful way for someone to keep track of hydration status; the tougher the poops, the more you should drink water! It is easy to use.Only two comments: developer might consider incorporating the Bristol poop scale and also, there doesn’t seem to be a way to edit an entry once it’s made.Other than that – LOVE the concept and the look!

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