Get started with Trends

Graph styles

Each graph has its own style setting. Tap the Style button to cycle through all options. For example, Visual Scale items have:

  • line graph
  • line graph with goal + trend line
  • bar graph
  • bar graph with goal + trend line
  • icons

Each item has its own statistics. In the graph tap the button on the right side to cycle through all options. For example, Number and Visual Scale items have:

  • average
  • minimum
  • maximum
  • last entry
  • frequency

These settings tell the app which value to pick or calculateĀ for each time slot in the graph.


If you swipe across the graphs you can move back in time. The time frame shown above the graphs adjusts. To bring more data points into view pinch the graph.

Each time slot in the Graph view represents a day, week, or month. Make your choice with the selector in the upper right corner.

Reordering graphs

The graphs are ordered in the same sequence as the items on the Track screen. To change the order tap Edit on the Track screen and slide items up/down. Then tap Done.

Sharing graphs

Share the graphs as an image via email. For that, tap the button on the top of the Graph screen.

Large graphs

If you tap on the small graph of an item you’ll get its larger version.