Get Started with Tracking

Make an entry

The app starts on the Track screen. Tap on any item to make an entry. In case you are stuck, here are some ideas:

– On iPad tap the ‘Enter’ button to save an entry

– To move between days on the Track view, tap the < and > buttons. To jump to Today, tap on the date.

– When you have the entry view open, tap on the date or time to change it.

View, edit, delete entries

To view old entries, go to the Track screen. Each item has a calendar icon on its right side. Tap on it. All entries are listed below the calendar. Tap on an entry to edit it, swipe across it to delete it.

Set up a new item

To set up a new item, go to the Track screen. Scroll down to the bottom of the screen. Tap ‘Add Item’. Now you can choose from several item types:

  • Yes / No
  • Note
  • Weather
  • Severity
  • Visual Scale items such as (Pain faces, Not at all – very much, Grades, Good – Bad)
  • hours:min:sec
  • counter
  • 12345.12

Tap Next to chose an item name, pick a graph color, etc.

All icons used in the app can be customized. Just tap on an icon to change it. Icon labels can be renamed as well.

Visual scale items let you pick a goal level.

For 12345.12 tems you can also decide if entries should be added up (e.g,, cups of coffee) or not (e.g., weight).

There is also an option to cut off a portion of the vertical graph axis. For example, if your diet weight target is 170 lbs, you could start the y-axis at 160 lbs to better detect trends.

By default the new item will be shown in one category. You can select to display the item in more categories.

Tap done to save your new item and start tracking.

Edit and reorder items

On the Track screen tap Edit. Grab an item by the handle on the right side to move it up / down. Tap on an item to change it’s set up. Tap Done.

Using categories

This app offers you categories to group items. The same item can be shown in several categories. Tap on the Category button in the lower left corner for a list of all categories. Tap on a category to display its items. You can also switch between categories by swiping across the top bar of the app.

Categories can be renamed, reordered or deleted. For that tap Categories, then tap Edit.

To show on item in several categories, go to the Track screen, tap Edit, tap the item and select which categories should display the item.

Pausing an item

I recommend to work with at least two categories. One for active items, and one for items that you are not currently using. You could call the second category ‘Paused Items’. To move an item to a new category, go to the Track View, tap Edit, tap the item and select the categories that should display the item. Tap Done.

Advanced Visual Scales

This feature is for expert users. When setting up a new visual scale item, you can add levels and even change the weights assigned for each level. For that tap Advanced when setting up a new Visual Scale item. This option is available at the initial set up of an item. Very useful for creating a custom 0 – 10 pain scale, or for grades, e.g,, set A+ to have a weight of 4.25.