Welcome to TracknShare!

TracknShare is the original app for self-tracking. Measuredme.com named it the best tracking app for the Quantified Self.

We are all about empowerment and released several versions to help people gain Happiness, enjoy Mindful Eating, establish Habits, and live with ASD and IBS.

Check out the sections below to learn more,

Uwe ‘OOVA’ Heiss
Burlington, Vermont

More options

Screen passcode

Set a 4 digit code to protect your entries in Autism Tracker.

Push notification

Check this to turn the badge counter on. A number in red circle will appear on the Track & Share app icon to remind you to enter data each day. This applies for all the items that you want to be reminded of. The badge counter will count backwards to zero until you have made all entries for the day. To be reminded of an item, adjust the set up of the item.

Clearing hour

Some folks make entries after midnight before they go to sleep. To see after midnight which items still need to be entered or are already entered, set the clearing to a time like 1:00 or 2:00. Default setting is 0:00 (midnight).

All items

This is a list of all items in alphabetic order. Make edits to your items here. This is also the place to get to items that are not displayed on any Track screens. The All Items list is only for editing or deleting items. Use a Track screen for making data entries.

User Profiles

Unlimited user profiles are now available for Autism Tracker and for TracknShare.

Edit the Default Person

Go to More

Tap on “Select and Edit Persons”

Copy a Person’s Set up

Go to More

Tap on “Select and Edit Persons”

Select the person to copy.

Tap the “copy” button

A new person will be set up with the same categories and items, actual data entries are not copied.

Swipe between Persons on the Track, Graph, and Share screens

Go to More

Turn the person selector bar on to swipe between persons

Copy a New Item to Many Persons

On Track view

Tap “Edit”

Tap the item

Scroll down and tap “Copy item”

Then select “Copy to multiple persons”

A list of all persons and their categories will appear

Select the categories where you want to copied items to appear

This creates one copy of the item for each person selected.